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8 Week Course

A 8 week course by Chantelle Miscuso to help you get educated on ALL THINGS HEALTH.
Learn the tools to train effectively, build your relationship with food & shift your mindset!
Learn more about the course via the video link below 👇

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The unique program I’ve developed will help you understand how to build habits & foundations to improve your overall health & nutrition. Learn not only about the WHAT but also WHY it works. In depth nutritional education surrounding macronutrients (protein, carbs, fats), food groups, iron absorption, calorie tracking, hunger signals & so much more!


Do you usually bounce between random instagram workouts unsure what to do in the gym? 
The course module is designed to educate you on all types of exercise & answer all those confusing questions surrounding training. Learn about training during your menstrual cycle & if you should exercise while sick & more!


☑️ Week 1: 5 Basic Pillars of Health  

☑️ Week 2: Optimising Your Health 

☑️ Week 3: Nutrition & Habits 

☑️ Week 4: Nutritional Approaches Seminar & Recommended Supplements Seminar 

☑️ Week 5: Training & Exercise Seminar 

☑️ Week 6: Exercise Corrections, Techniques & Cues 

☑️ Week 7: Gut Health Nutritionist GUEST SPEAKER @sheradyn_functionalnutrition

☑️ Week 8: Mindset, Stress Management & Food Freedom  


Is this course right for you? 

- Do you struggle with understanding what to do in the gym? 

- Are you confused about all the nutritional information on the internet? 

- Do you want to be empowered & educated to fix your health for good?

- Do you struggle to sustain a positive mindset? 

- Are you ready to build sustainable, healthy habits that last LONG TERM?

Changing your life is easier than you think.

Introduction offer: 50% off will never be this price again!

Enroll now and let's get started!

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