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Strength in Body & Mind

My love for health and fitness started with my own journey. When I was only 14 years old I was severely overweight, I was bullied, picked on at school and had limited understanding on nutrition & training. I always still reiterate to this day - I'm thankful - as those haters become my motivators as cliché as that sounds, it's so true. This ignited my journey & taught me so much over the years. I lost 10kgs by trying all sorts of reductions in my diet such as limiting diary & eliminating/reducing carbs which was not the best approach as my understanding on nutrition was limited! After that I maintained my weight for a while, I decided that I wanted to be "skinny" like those girls who are photoshopped on the internet. This began to lead me into dangerous territories with my mentality towards weight loss - I lost another 10kgs between 15-16 years old - this caused me to have dizzy spells, over training & a bad mentally with my body, mental health & exercise. I became severely underweight - I learnt many lessons through this journey though ill always be thankful. So YES I've been there overweight, underweight, weak, strong, fit and unfit I understand how YOU feel and I'm here to help. I can't really say what  changed my mindset but I got to a point and decided to become "strong" "healthy" and "fit" instead! 

I then went on to study my certificate 3 & 4 in fitness and additionally CHFI Nutritional Coach Level 1 which helped me develop my knowledge & understanding of how to fuel my body! 

Today, I’ve been fortunate to turn my passion into a thriving profession. Im still studying, educating, training clients, helping people from all walks of life just like yourself. Now lets get you looking mighty fine & finese !!

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