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My mission is to get YOU looking mighty Fine & Finese. I pride myself on educating my clients for long-term results - I don't do quick fixes! Whats your goal? Learn to lift, fitness, lose weight, better nutrition? Whatever it may be we're in this for the long term together - no matter where you are in your fitness journey!

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Training Only

Let me make this easy for you! Unsure what to do in the gym or what exercises to do at home? You have come to the right place - everything is completely customised to YOU as a indiviual to suit your needs, lifestyle & goal!


Nutrition Only

I dont believe in quick fixes or shred challenges as for me its about teaching a long term approach - giving you the tools to keep taking steps forward in your health & fitness journey. Stop yo yo dieting! Stop saying youll start tomorrow!


Nutrition & Training Program

As 80% of what we look like comes from the foods we put in our body id say our training regime and nutrition are just as important as each other. Let me guide & educate you to achieve your goal. Lets get you looking mighty fine & finese!

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Healthy Breakfast


Get in touch and start your health & fitness journey today.

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Making Fitness Fun

Getting in shape shouldn’t be a punishment. It’s an amazing and empowering lifestyle decision that anyone can make. I believe in finding the pleasurable side of fitness; and while there may be a sore muscle or two along the way, the benefits of fitness & nutrition are worth the challenge. I have developed my approaches to the individual as we are ALL different, constantly adapting your program to your lifestyle, likes, dislikes, achievements or setbacks. Fitness is not perfection let me make things easy for YOU!

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Real Experiences, Stunning Results

Using my comprehensive fitness & nutritional programs, my aim is to help my clients completely turn their lives around. Take a look at some of the reviews that have been submitted by satisfied clients.


"I have been going for a month now three times a week and have toned up so much more, can lift heavier weights. She is perfect for whatever goal you are trying to accomplish and will actually listen, highly recommend Chantelle to change your fitness experience"

Natasha Miscuso


Shofiqul started with me in May 2021 he wanted to continue reducing body fat & start to learn about how to train & eat in order to fuel his body. Shofiqul was only eating once a day & drinking lots of caffeine. We worked together to slowly bring him back to eating 2400+ calories a day! In just 2 months Shofiql could squat 50kgs & was becoming very strong. We worked on his posture & balance in order to create stability through movements.

Shofiqul Islam


"I have never felt more in power than I do now. My confidence levels have quite literally gone through the roof. I feel strong and healthy and I’ve learnt to love this life style. Chantelle has helped me have a better relationship with my body and good and I’ve learnt to appreciate every part of my body. I’ve really enjoyed the care she has put into taking care of us all individually and she has catered to our needs and likes and dislikes. Chantelle personalises everything to a T and because of that I’ve enjoyed every step of the journey. It was so much easier than pushing myself on my own. I tend to follow fad diets so having the nutritional plan that I loved made the whole process so much better. Chantelle has helped me lose over 10kgs and I couldn't be happier. Overall, I don’t think I’ll ever stop training with Chantelle, absolutely brilliant."

Madison Troncoso

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